Responsive Web Design

The first step to making your website count is by making sure it was made with responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design

In short responsive web design enables anyone who visits your website, either by desktop, tablet or smartphone to have a consistent browsing experience. What does this mean for your business? It means that you won’t have to worry about how your website is performing across multiple devices and preventing a potential clients device from getting to the part of your website that actually turns them into a paying client.


Traditionally, businesses would hire a web designer and/or developer to get their website up and running.  These individuals would be reponsible for altering the content of the website from time to time. But there was an inherent problem with this.

Responsive Web Design

With the advent of tablets and smartphones, many businesses either thought the content that they had on their site was enough for this new generation of users, or worse, they thought that the new devices these users were using to view their website wouldn’t have any affect on their business. Wrong. For many of these businesses it was too little too late, as they didn’t understand the potential these new devices could have for the good of their business.

Responsive Website

Unfortunately, many businesses learned the hard way.  For many of them the goal was to get to the front of the YellowPages with a nice big paid ad. 

You may remember these ads.  The ad would be as visually appealing and often include their website address. But the issue that they didn’t give much attention to was the didn’t see who their real competitors were.  They neglected the internet. 

These were the real upcoming competitors with businesses who didn’t even care about the phone book.  They didn’t care even if their business number was listed in it.  Instead they were competitng for the first page on Google. 

These small little competitors eventually gained huge ground and pushed those old businesses right out the door!  This is absolutely mindblowing!

Reponsive website


The businesses who in turn started to work closely with a web designer/web developer became first in line for the rewards that the search engines then began handing out. What were these rewards? Clients for their business! This all occured simply because these informed businesses understood that the online viability of a business is dependent on providing a consistent web based experience for their clients.  This is actually still happening with web design Hamilton!

Here’s some recent history showing the power of providing a consistent user experience.  You may have heard of Amazon as a retailer, but they never had a physical store that you could visit in multiple cities, but Sears did. Now look at Sears, the one time giant has been chopped down, and don’t think its because of bad management. It was because of bad information.  They simply just were behind the times, their users online purchasing experience was clunky, and often did not provide a consistent experience through multiple devices for those users. This became just another nail in that giant’s coffin.

So if you have come this far and want the utmost best for your businesses web presence, you need to get fired up! In fact, if you don’t get fired up you’ll find yourself at the back of line soon, because all of your competitors are slowly getting wise to how the internet works. So get your head start in the race! We meticulously spend our time ensuring that your visitors will have a consistent browsing experience on all popular devices, that way you can be sure if someone who owns the latest smartphone or the 10 year old desktop will have an equal browsing experience without any hang ups. You’ve established your business by your hard work, now let your website start contributing to that hard work!

Is your business' web design a relic of the past? Let's change that right now. Upgrade to a reponsive web design.


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